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Build your future today

We Believe in Innovators & Forward Thinkers.

We bolster your entrepreneurial journey to make the world a better place.


Being able to collect cash from an asset is the basis of everything we do here at Nanban. Our preferred strategy is to collect cash from the world's most significant assets, the S&P 500 (an asset class that will never go to zero but rather constantly rebalances itself automatically). We view this as collecting rent from a 500 apartment real estate asset.



NanbanCapitalX focuses on building portfolio companies that can profitably create a positive impact. Our approach lies in adding genuine value to our portfolio companies beyond investment.

We are focused on early-stage high-potential technology companies. We offer deep subject matter expertise in different verticals, adding value in terms of knowledge and resources, as we continue to support our portfolio companies in their journey to scale.

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