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Any information obtained on visitors to the Nanban CapitalX website will be kept strictly confidential.  Nanban CapitalX does not sell any data, on companies, visitors, or members. 

For members, Nanban CapitalX maintains physical, electronic, and operational safeguards to protect all information regarding the personal identity, financial status, and other financial information.

In the normal course of business, it is necessary for Nanban CapitalX to provide personal information about members to attorneys and accountants in furtherance of Nanban CapitalX's business, and other entities that provide a service on behalf of Nanban CapitalX, such as banks or escrow companies. Nanban CapitalX only discloses personal information to these third parties if such parties agree to strictly protect the personal information and use the personal information only for the purposes of providing services to Nanban CapitalX.  Nanban CapitalX is required to provide data to the IRS, and other federal and state regulatory bodies.  

Other than for the purposes discussed above, Nanban CapitalX does not disclose any nonpublic, personal information of its members unless Nanban CapitalX is directed by the member to provide it or Nanban CapitalX is legally required to do so. 

For companies applying for funding, please do not send any information to Nanban CapitalX that constitutes a trade secret or is confidential or proprietary. Nanban CapitalX cannot agree to obligations of confidentiality or non-disclosure with regard to information submitted to it. By submitting information or materials to Nanban CapitalX, you or anyone acting on your behalf, agree that any such information or materials will not be considered confidential or proprietary.

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